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Web 3.0
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JayDaryn is a collective of web3 tech advisors who aim to accelerate your idea or project. Whatever you have in your head, we can build it.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the future of the internet is Trust-Less, Censorship-Free, prioritizes Data-Ownership, and is powered by Blockchain Technologies. It's up to dreamers like us to build it. 

👾 Decentralization 

☄️ Problem Solving

🎨 Creativity

Our Partners

Nobots LLC Dubai

Skilz is a new way to Find people with talents combining social media and recruiting. Register yourself as a provider of a service or skill and earn.

Decentral Holdings LLC - DE

Decentral is building an application protocol to define the future of security in blockchain technology by facilitating interoperability across all decentralized networks. 


Launching Projects To Success, In The DEFI & NFT Space. Industry leaders in community moderation and Discord server development for Web3, DeFi, and NFT projects.


ASTREK is on a Mission to Revolutionize the the World of Travel through the Power of Blockchain & NFT


Codeblase is an online platform that allows users to create, manage and host a full backend stack easily and without writing any code.

OWL Protocol

The No-Code, Dynamic NFT Workshop
Launch dNFTs with in-game utility, real world use cases, and more.

Meet Our Founder

Jeanclaude (JC)
Tech Advisor | Senior Engineer | CTO


Be Part Of The Growth...

If you  are thinking about expanding your business into Web3 without getting lost in all the Buzz words (NFTs, Metaverse, Crypto, HODL) then let us be your Technology Backbone!

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